1) Facade Materials Research and Concept Design

Conducts conceptual studies to help establish and evaluate design criteria. We evaluate and compare the coating and substructure materials in terms of performance and constructability.

These studies can be used to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed design, or to compare proposed design options, prior to façade selection, design, and detailing. From the innovative use of traditional materials to the most advanced applications of new technologies, we apply our extensive knowledge and experience of materials and systems to ensure the right options are considered and meet specific design requirements.

2) Facade Schematic Design and Engineering Evaluations

We conduct additional analyzes to evaluate the options created during concept design and to provide consultancy services to our customers on the best path forward. We propose systems that best fit the purpose of the design, satisfy budget constraints, and address configurability issues. We develop the facade scheme to summarize the drawings, preliminary calculations and the facade performance criteria together with the project team.

3) Detailed Design of the Façade and Engineering Evaluations

We prepare the architectural project, fulfill the investor requests, create detailed drawings and prepare technical specifications in accordance with internationally accepted regulations. We provide complete engineering design service to provide comprehensive package information for bidding the job. We work closely with architects, developers and manufacturers to synthesize innovative design solutions that optimize performance and applicability.

4) Front Tender and Evaluation

We help the employer to get to know the companies that will enter the tender and to make interviews, and we answer the questions of the companies participating in the tender regarding the performance and details of the facade design.

This process is to help bidders fully understand the designs and bid more accurately and appropriately. We evaluate the qualifications of the proposals and the proposal drawings to analyze their design understanding and their ability to run the business properly.

We apply our knowledge of current construction practices, relative system costs, and approaches used in similar projects to provide detailed comparative analyzes of engineering options. Correct identification of the most qualified bidder minimizes customer risk and saves time and money spent on construction.

5) Facade Construction Management

Even the best design needs to be properly built to work well. We offer complete site management services for facades designed by Connect Architecture Engineering or other architectural groups. We participate in the planning of pre-survey studies, review the facade calculations and guide drawings, respond to the information requests of the contractors, and evaluate the visual model (mock-up) proposals. We make factory visits, check the laboratory test preparations, and make field observations to ensure that the work progresses in accordance with the construction methods. We evaluate and control the general conformity of the work done with the quality and approval documents submitted for the work. We make the completion during the defect liability period and then the performance verification. (Optional) We also provide suggestions for improvement of unsuitable conditions.

6) Field Surveillance Service and Construction Works Supervision

Site Monitoring is provided to oversee and ensure that works are carried out with the appropriate level of expertise, craftsmanship and quality. Connect Architecture helps to see that the works are built in accordance with the design details and specification and to make progress.

If the field observation technical teams are requested, solutions are assisted with the participation of the subcontractors and the professional team for all kinds of meetings that may be required.
During the facade studies, photographic records of the findings, observations and progress in the field are made regularly and published with reports to the Employer.

7) Analysis of Façade Coating Problems

In case of glass breakage, Façade leakage (Water-Air-Steam-Perspiration) or poor outer shell performance of the building, we provide comprehensive research and analytical services. We evaluate the causes of failures and develop recommendations for compensatory and preventive measures. We also provide expert opinions in connection with claims, disputes, arbitration and litigation.


In our company, which offers architectural design and other engineering services, our experienced and expert staff offers you all the special solutions you need.
The following disciplines specific to your project also offer “High Quality, Timely Delivery and Customized Service”.
1. Projecting (Architectural Concept creation, 3d Visualization, Interior design)
2. Static Engineering Services (Reinforced Concrete and Steel projecting)
3. Architecture-Engineering Project Management and Consulting
4. Building Construction and Contracting Works

In the following areas; It provides turnkey services including all architectural, construction, electrical, mechanical and automation activities.
1. Private Houses (New Buildings, Urban Transformation Projects, Renovation and Restoration)
2. Cultural and Tourism Buildings (Boutique Hotel Projects)
3. Light Steel and Heavy Steel Industrial Buildings
4. Social Buildings (Light Steel Construction Buildings)
5. Educational Buildings
6. Prefabricated Buildings
7. Factory Production, Administrative and Warehouse Buildings
8.Infrastructure Projects (Treatment Plants etc.)