Our company was established in 1976 by Civil Engineer Nihal Bağlan as Bağlan Mühendislik in Ödemiş.

Since 2012, his son, Master Architect Alper Bağlan, has been transformed as Bağlan Mimarlık Mühendislik Ltd Şti in order to transfer the experience gained from domestic and foreign projects to the family firm and a new vision has been determined for the next years.

Bağlan Architecture and Engineering continues to work in the fields of project design of all kinds of Buildings and Art Structures, Project management, Construction and Facade Consultancy.

Our vision; It is to balance the functionality, aesthetics, economy, creative process of applicability and technical aspects of the buildings in the same way as in the past.

We are researching and developing new and interesting materials and application methods to design different high-performance façade skins to meet the needs of our customers. By paying attention to the detailing of all the elements that make up a whole, it is to support the construction of the facade by bringing together all the elements of the facade shell in a perfect way.

The aim of our company is to give buildings a distinct personality and excellence with the principle of “each building should have a unique facade system because its shape, function, height, climate and other features are different, and this is the most suitable and economical one for that building.”

For Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Building Owners; In order to ensure that the curtain walls of the buildings, facade cladding made with all kinds of building materials and joinery systems are designed and applied in the most accurate and economical way, first of all, the preparation of the tender file, the evaluation of the tender process, and the opportunity to select the appropriate proposal from the companies that are competent to do the job provides consultancy services in order to ensure the production and installation in accordance with the contract terms, science and art rules.

Bağlan Architecture Engineering Facade Consulting Ltd.